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At FUN-L Media Services, excel in media solutions and serves as your companies silent partner in on demand media production and journalism

As a contracted provider for leading broadcasters like ABC, Scripps, FOX and Telemundo, we specialize in crafting compelling media content and narratives that resonate with our clients’ needs. Our offerings include on demand journalist from a pre-vetted talent pool, high-quality video production, and tailored advertising campaigns, designed to maximize visibility across premium broadcasting and digital platforms.

Specialty segment production in hours, not weeks
Specialty segment production in hours, not weeks

Leverage The Power of a Small and Nimble Team Approach

Specialty Segment Content

FUN-L Media and Marketing, where your vision meets our expertise in media production and content creation. Specializing in crafting specialty content for both broadcast and streaming platforms, we bring your stories to life, from cutting-edge technology themes to lifestyle narratives, and from festive holiday specials to event-driven content.

Fast Content Turn Around

We redefine the pace of media production without compromising quality. Our team is equipped to produce high-caliber media content in a matter of hours, a stark contrast to the industry standard of weeks. This quick turnaround capability allows us to respond rapidly to your needs, ensuring that your message is timely, relevant, and impactful.

On Location & Event Journalist Team

FUN-L Media and Marketing's on-location and event journalist teams are an invaluable asset to any organization seeking extended coverage and depth in storytelling. Our teams act as your extra feet on the ground, providing comprehensive, real-time coverage of events, news stories, and special features.

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Small & Nimble Response Teams

Our strength lies in our small, nimble teams, adept at capturing and producing broadcast-ready content swiftly and efficiently. We excel in being right at the heart of the action, ensuring that we capture content as it happens, bringing immediacy and relevance to your media needs quickly.

Your Remote Production Partner

In today’s digital age, geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier to producing outstanding media content. Our remote production capabilities enable us to collaborate with you closely, regardless of location. 

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